Our mission

to increase investment attractiveness and number of attracted investments in Odesa region

Our activities

  • collect information on all facilities and projects in the Odesa region that need investment
  • to popularize the possibility of investments in objects and projects of Odesa region
  • advise united territorial communities on working with investments, and help them find and describe investment projects
  • advise investors on investment opportunities in the Odesa region

On the website we publish all investment opportunities in the Odesa region, and our team will help in cooperation with government and local authorities.

How can we help?

If you are an investor and are looking for opportunities in the Odesa region, we can:

  • provide information and advice on doing business in the Odessa region
  • provide contacts for investment support experts (as lenders, lawyers, accounting firms, information experts and business associations)
  • establish contacts with state and local authorities in the Odesa region
  • provide information on available business and investor support programs in Ukraine and the Odesa region

If you have an investment project (or have an object that requires investment) and want to implement it in the Odesa region, we can:

  • prepare a teaser for your investment project (brief information) and post it on the website
  • include information about project at conferences and other investment events, as well as in materials to be shared with potential investors

We can provide additional services by additional agreements:

  • make a presentation of your project
  • develop a feasibility study for your investment project
  • conduct market research in your area

Our Team

Head of
Odesa Region Development

Head of Investment Department
Odesa Region Development

Consultant of
Odesa Region Development

Do you have any questions? Write to us!